Super Robot Wars - PTX-15R Wild Wurger Free Paper Model Download

Super Robot Wars - PTX-15R Wild Wurger Free Paper Model Download


Super Robot Wars - PTX-15R Wild Wurger Free Paper Model DownloadThis robot paper model is the PTX-15R Wild Wurger, a fictional robot from a tactical role-playing video games series Super Robot Wars, It appears as a playable unit in the 2nd Super Robot Wars Alpha, the 3rd Super Robot Wars Alpha, Super Robot Taisen: Original Generation 2, Super Robot Wars Original Generations and Super Robot Wars Original Generation Gaiden. This mecha papercraft was created by Papertang, and shared by Kevin Chapman.

The Wild Wurger is a lean humanoid machine covered in mostly dark-blue armor with certain areas of the body colored gray and white, while the cockpit hatch is designated in red. Mounted on the left arm is a three-barreled gatling gun cannon, with a katana-shaped blade situated in the cannon's pack and an oversized claw-like weapon placed on the right arm.

The Wild Wurger is a new Personal Trooper developed by Mao Industries as a high-speed, close combat unit intended for engaging in melee- to mid-range combat. This machine is like a cousin to the Alt Eisen in many ways, since both are meant to be utilized in the same style of combat, as well as the way their weapon layout is designated. This machine is called the PTX-015 (alternatively, the PTX-015R) Wild Wurger.

Marion Radom, the designer of the Wurger, placed newly recruited Earth Federation Army pilot Arado Balanga as the designated user of the machine. Unfortunately, Arado's abrupt style of melee combat makes it difficult to determine what weapon to accompany the Wurger's right arm. After various simulations and tests, a crusher-like weapon is installed on the arm, with a handy blade fitted into the left arm's mounted gatling gun cannon. The Wild Wurger also utilizes a ball cartridge that uses solid rounds and is equipped with a Tesla Drive to maintain flight. Much of the armor on the Wild Wurger is known as Jacket Armor, armor that can be "purged" in order to activate its High Mobility Mode, where a pair of strong cutting wings on the backpack can be released to unleash the Wild Wurger's best maneuver, the Victim Beak.

In Alpha 2, while Arado Balanga is engaging in combat with his former Titans unit and the Neo Zeon, Rätsel Feinschmecker and Viletta Vadim appear with the new Wild Wurger and give it to him for his use. In Original Generation 2, while Arado is engaging in combat with his former unit of the Neo Divine Crusaders, his machine is badly damaged. His teammates arrive with the Wild Wurger, however, and he transfers to this new machine. Arado uses the Wurger for the rest of the war. When close friend and comrade Seolla Schweizer defects from the Titans, she joins Arado in her unit, the Wild Falken, the partner unit of the Wild Wurger. Together, they can perform the Twin Bird Strike attack, a synchronized battle formation.

Mao Industries had additionally created a second Wild Wurger unit, the PTX-015-L Wild Wurger L, but colored red rather than blue. Essentially the same unit, this machine is installed with the Stun Shock weapon that completely immobilize targets, and piloted by the SRX Team's Mai Kobayashi. [Source: wikia]


Height: 20.6 meters
Weight: 56.9 tons
Weapon Systems:

  • Triple Vulcan
    Mounted on the Wild Wurger's left arm, it fires a three-barrel gatling gun cannon.
  • M90 Assault Machinegun/Rifle (in the English localization)
    This basic Personal Trooper issued assault rifle, with a grenade launcher mounted on the bottom of the gun barrel, is made for quick hit and run strikes.
  • Cold Metal Sword ("Metal Sword" in the English localization)
    A metal blade made in the shape of a katana, this weapon is stored in the 3-barrel gatling cannon and can cut through metal with ease.
  • Stag Beetle Crusher ("Beetle Crusher" in the English localization)
    This two-prong crushing weapon mounted on the Wurger's right arm mimics a stag beetle's crusher. It can also be used as a striking weapon, aside from primarily being a crushing tool.
  • Victim Beak ("Raptor Wings" in the English localization)
    The Wild Wurger can "purge" all of its Jacket Armor and expand its wings to enter its High Mobility Mode. It flies back and forth, circling the enemy and uses its wings to deal cutting attacks. In Original Generations, the damage is caused by the Wurger holding it's Cold Metal Sword while dashing about.
  • Twin Bird Strike
    Arado and Seolla's signature combination attack, and essentially a variant of the ATX Team's signature Rampage Ghost attack. The Wild Wurger purges its Jacket Armor and expands its wings, while the Wild Falken activate its TBS Mode. Both units mobilize at high speeds, confusing the enemy. The Falken begins to fire its Ochstan Rifle B attack from a higher altitude. The Wurger moves in, and grabs the enemy with its Stag Beetle Crusher. Lifting the enemy up, the Falken fires more rounds from its Ochstan Rifle B, and ends with a single round of the Ochstan Rifle E attack. The enemy is released from the crusher, but is hit back by the attack from the Wurger. With one final strike, both units deal the cutting attack with their respective wings, finishing the enemy.

This mecha papercraft requires the following colors of card paper:

  • 3 Blue
  • 10 Gray
  • 1 Green
  • 1 Red
  • 8 White
  • 1 Yellow

You can download this papercraft model here: Super Robot Wars - PTX-15R Wild Wurger Free Paper Model Download