Super Princess Peach - Perry Free Papercraft Download


Super Princess Peach - Perry Free Papercraft DownloadThis is a mario papercraft, designed by Jp-papercraft. Perry is Princess Peach's magical, talking parasol in Super Princess Peach, who is used to attack members of the Koopa Troop on her way to rescue the Mario Bros. Throughout the game, Perry's past is revealed in the umbrella's dreams. It seems that he was originally a Human, and was turned into an umbrella by two strange figure's magic.

Super Princess Peach is a game for the Nintendo DS released in late 2005 for the Japan region, and in 2006 for all other regions. In this game, Mario, Luigi, and many Toads have been kidnapped by Bowser, using the magical Vibe Scepter, and taken to Vibe Island. Princess Peach must save them, using a talking umbrella called Perry and her powers of emotion, the vibes being emitted from Vibe Island. This is the first adventure installment for the Mario game series in which Peach appears as a stand-alone playable character.

You can download this papercraft from here: Super Princess Peach - Perry Free Papercraft Download