Super Mario - Mini Koopa Troopa Free Papercraft Download

Super Mario - Mini Koopa Troopa Free Papercraft Download


Super Mario - Mini Koopa Troopa Free Papercraft DownloadThis  papercraft is a mini Koopa Troopa (usually Koopa, occasionally Troopa, Japanese Nokonoko), common enemies in the Mario series, usually displayed as foot soldiers of the Koopa Troop, under the direct leadership of Bowser, the paper model was created by João Vieira.

Since Super Mario 64, however, many Koopas have appeared who do not work for Bowser, some of whom even act as allies to Mario during his adventures. Koopa Troopas are turtle-like creatures with removable shells that come in many different colors, with red and green Koopa Troopas being the most common. Koopas, along with Goombas, are some of Mario's most common foes. Koopas are popular for their many uses of their shells in the Mario series.

Koopa Troopas have appeared in some form in every main Mario game since the Mario Bros. arcade game, sometimes as a subspecies. The exception is Super Mario Bros. 2, in which Koopas themselves don't appear, but their shells can still be picked up and thrown as weapons. Although published in 1987 as Yume Kojo: Doki Doki Panic, a non-related Mario game, Super Mario Bros. 2 began development as a sequel to the original Super Mario Bros. 1985's Super Mario Bros. also introduced the Paratroopa, a version of the Koopa Troopa with wings designed by Takashi Tezuka.

In 1990's Super Mario World for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, the Koopa Troopa's design was changed slightly, as it was given shoes according to the colour of its shell and made bipedal, and although quadrupedal Koopas would be seen in Super Mario Land and its sequel, they would not be seen again until 2007's Super Mario Galaxy and its sequel, with bipedal Koopas remaining the most common design throughout the series. Super Mario World also introduced the concept of knocking a Koopa out of its shell by jumping on it (something outside the anatomy of real turtles and tortoises), causing it to go in search of a new shell. The game also introduced blue and yellow Koopas; blue Koopas essentially being faster versions of red Koopas that kick their shells at the player when knocked out of them, and yellow Koopas chasing after the player.

1992's Super Mario Kart for the Super Nintendo marked the Koopa Troopa's first appearance as a playable character, as well as introducing the character to the Mario spin-off games. Although Koopa Troopa was replaced by Wario on the roster of 1996's Mario Kart 64, a friendly Koopa was given the role of the host of 1998's Mario Party for the Nintendo 64, proving that Koopa Troopas aren't necessarily all loyal to Bowser. Since then, both Koopas and Paratroopas have appeared, either playable or not, in a vast number of spin-off games in the series, and Koopa shells have become popularized as a weapon by the Mario Kart series.

Koopa Troopas have also made appearances in the various cartoons and comics based on the Mario series. Although Koopas didn't appear in the 1993 Super Mario Bros. film, early artwork had the film's version of Goombas labelled as "Koopa's Troopas".

About the Mario Paper Model:
Height: 8 cm
Page: 2
Difficulty: Easy
Format: PDO/ PDF

You can download this mario paper craft template here: Super Mario - Mini Koopa Troopa Free Papercraft Download