Super Mario - Mecha-Koopa Free Papercraft Download

Super Mario - Mecha-Koopa Free Papercraft Download


Super Mario - Mecha-Koopa Free Papercraft DownloadThis mario papercraft is a Mecha-Koopa, created by SebCroc. Mecha-Koopa, also called Windup Koopas in the New Super Mario Bros. Wii game guide, are one of Bowser's many minions. They are small mechanical versions of Bowser himself, resembling a wind-up toy. They have a wind-up key on their back and their appearances feature several mechanical appendages. They walk in a rhythmical way and must wind themselves up again from time to time in order to keep moving.

Mecha-Koopas make a short appearance in Super Mario World, where they are only seen in the last level. In this game, they get paralyzed for a short time when stepped on, so Mario can kick them around, pick them up and throw them. When they get thrown, however, they won't get very far like regular Koopa shells do. They are also not effected by ordinary kicks, as they just freeze, giving the player a chance to throw them somewhere; however, they are vulnerable against the Spin Jump, which turns them into dust.

Mecha-Koopas are also prevalent in Super Mario World's final battle, in which Bowser throws them off of his Koopa Clown Car. Mario/Luigi must throw them at Bowser in order to defeat him.

Mecha-Koopas also appear in Super Mario Galaxy with a new look. They are found in Toy Time Galaxy and can breathe flames for fairly long amounts of time. They can only be defeated with a Ground Pound and stunned with a Star Spin. When defeated, they release a coin. In the official guide book, they are called Micro-Mecha Bowsers.

You can download this game paper craft toy here: Super Mario - Mecha-Koopa Free Papercraft Download