StarGate - Transport Rings Free Paper Model Download

StarGate - Transport Rings Free Paper Model Download


StarGate - Transport Rings Free Paper Model DownloadThis paper model is the Transport Rings, based on the military science fiction film StarGate. The papercraft is designed by Valentín Korinek, and there are 1:25 and 1:50 two versions. Transportation rings, also called ring transporters, transport rings or simply rings, are a form of transport used by a number of species, but they were originally designed and built by the Ancients before their invention of beam transporters.

Transportation rings consist of several rings that levitate slightly off the ground and stack on top of each other during operation. Almost all Goa'uld transporters have five rings, except for the one installed in the gate room in the Abydos pyramid, which had nine.

Most Transportation rings are identical and are thought to be mass-produced by the Goa'uld in staggering numbers. Each ring transporter platform weighs 12.9 tons, but it is not clear what components are included in the term "platform." Earth's Naquadah generators are capable of powering Transportation rings.

The rings are roughly half the diameter of a Stargate and function under similar principles. The rings move to surround an object or person being transported from a holding platform, which is a cylindrical chamber, contained in either a ceiling compartment or rising up from the floor. They only transport matter from within their perimeter to the perimeter of other rings.

If a pair of rings is transporting and the rings have not yet returned to storage, energy buildup in one ring set will transfer into the paired set, resulting in the destruction of any still-active rings, as proven when the bottom ring of a ceiling-mounted set in an escape tunnel exploded when a bomb destroyed Setesh's base.

Transportation rings are similar in function to Stargates, but only transport matter across planetary distances, either on the planet itself or to ships in orbit. When activated, a number of rings rise from the floor or ceiling, surrounding the object and converting it to energy. The matter stream is then transmitted to a similar set of rings which reassemble the object. In order to prevent damage to people or objects during reassembly, the matter at the destination is swapped with the matter at the departure point.

The rings were designed by the Ancients, but are used by the Goa'uld, Tok'ra, Tau'ri, and Ori. Ori rings have a slightly different design, but are compatible with other types of rings. The Ancients themselves appear to have abandoned the use of ring transporters after Atlantis reached the Pegasus galaxy. The transporters found in Atlantis function on a similar principle, however, suggesting the technology was based on the rings. After the Ancients returned to Earth from Atlantis, they began to use beam transporters.

Download the paper model here: StarGate - Transport Rings Free Paper Model Download