Stargate - Replicator Free Robot Paper Model Download

Stargate - Replicator Free Robot Paper Model Download


Stargate - Replicator Free Robot Paper Model DownloadThis robot paper model is a Replicator, based on the military science fiction , the paper model was designed by billybob884. In the Stargate SG-1, the Replicators are antagonistic self-replicating machines that propagate by ingesting the metals that make up civilizations and use them to create either blocks that form the bug-like version or smaller cells that compose the human-form "Replicators".

They were first mentioned indirectly in the season 3 episode "Fair Game", and first seen onscreen in "Nemesis". In the show, the Replicators are primarily the enemies of the Asgard race, however, they act like a plague against all life thus, in the series, Earth must also contend with them on several occasions. The Asurans in the spin-off series Stargate Atlantis might be related to those in Stargate SG-1 as they are essentially human-form "Replicators".

The Replicators first appear in the season 3 finale "Nemesis", following hints by Thor in "Fair Game" about an enemy worse than the Goa'uld in their home galaxy of Ida. SG-1 faces off against the Replicators who have infested Thor's mothership, the Beliskner, to prevent them from invading Earth. They destroy the deceleration drive on the Beliskner, causing it to burn up in Earth's atmosphere. In the following episode "Small Victories", a single surviving Replicator from the Beliskner infests a Russian submarine before being neutralized. At the same time, Samantha Carter helps Thor avert an imminent Replicator invasion of the Asgard homeworld, Halla. In the season 5 premiere "Enemies", SG-1 encounters the Replicators after being thrown to another galaxy by a supernova. The Replicators take over their Goa'uld mothership and head for the Milky Way; to prevent them from reaching their destination, SG-1 sabotages the mothership's engines so that it crashes into the planet Delmak upon exiting hyperspace.

The episode "Menace" reveals that the Replicators were created by the android Reese as "toys" that she programmed to protect her when the others on her world attempted to shut her down. As the Replicators multiplied, they escaped her control and destroyed her civilization before moving on. After being brought back to the SGC, Reese creates more Replicators out of available materials, which overrun the base and are only stopped after Colonel Jack O'Neill shoots her. It is possible that shooting her was unnecessary though, as mentioned by Dr. Daniel Jackson after Reese's death in "Menace".

Reese is handed over to the Asgard, who find within her a base command that allows them to summon all the Replicators. They intend to use the command to trap all the Replicators on Halla inside a time dilation field that would give them years to devise a more permanent solution. In "Unnatural Selection", Thor calls upon SG-1 to investigate when the time dilation device fails to activate. They find that the device has been reversed to accelerate the passage of time inside and that the surface of Halla has been completely converted into Replicator blocks. They also encounter the human-form Replicators, the new faces of the Replicator threat. SG-1 is able to reactivate the time dilation field by appealing to the humanity of one of the human-forms, Fifth.

In the season 8 premiere "New Order", the Asgard have collapsed Halla's sun into a black hole trying to destroy the Replicators. However, the Replicators escape, led by a now-vengeful Fifth. Their invasion of the new Asgard homeworld Orilla is turned away after O'Neill uses the knowledge of the Ancients to create the Replicator disruptor. Fifth also creates a copy of Samantha Carter to serve as his consort and spy.

Replicator Carter betrays Fifth, killing him, and takes over control of the Replicators in "Gemini", and oversees the full-scale invasion of the Milky Way in "Reckoning". She and her brethren are finally defeated using the Dakara superweapon. The Replicators return in Stargate: The Ark of Truth, where one is created by the Asgard computer core on the Earth ship Odyssey by IOA agent James Marrick. The IOA plans to use the Replicators as a weapon against the Ori; however the Replicator escapes and soon replicates, overrunning the ship. Facing off against the Replicator-controlled Marrick, Mitchell manages to find the kill-switch the IOA built into the Replicators, allowing Carter to deactivate them. For more information please click here.

You can download this paper craft template here: Stargate - Replicator Free Robot Paper Model Download


  1. O my god, that looks amazing i can't wait to
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    • Hi Bas,
      Billybob884 gave a Assembly Guide here:
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