Stargate Atlantis - Puddle Jumper free papercraft download


Stargate Atlantis - Puddle Jumper free papercraft downloadThis stargate papercraft is designed by Martin Sänger. The scale is 1:72. Gateships, more often dubbed Puddle Jumpers by the Tau'ri, are small spacecraft created by the Ancients. Several of these ships were discovered in various hangars in Atlantis, and are used by the Atlantis expedition for various purposes. Gateships feature retractable thrusters that allow them to travel through a Stargate, as well as powerful Drone weapons for self-defense and a cloaking device to avoid detection. They are operated via neural interface, and so the Ancient Technology Activation gene is required to activate and pilot the ship.

The name "Puddle Jumper" is a visual pun on the ship's ability to travel through the event horizon of a Stargate (an action also referred to as "Threading the Needle"), which resembles a pool of water. It was coined by Major John Sheppard, an experienced pilot, who found a serendipitous double meaning when describing the craft. The nomenclature of the ship was immediately protested by Dr. Rodney McKay and Lt. Aiden Ford, who preferred "Gateship", although their suggestion was rejected.

The Asurans referred to these ships as "Gateships", possibly indicating that the Ancients also called them that in their language.

You can download this papercraft from here: Stargate Atlantis - Puddle Jumper free papercraft download