StarCraft - Medivac Free Papercraft Download

StarCraft - Medivac Free Papercraft Download


StarCraft - Medivac Free Papercraft DownloadThis paper model is a Medivac (officially designated as the G-226 medical transport), a dual purpose Dropship and Healer, a terran aerospace transport that also provides medical support for wounded troops in the battlefield, from the military sci-fi real-time strategy game , the papercraft is created by KGH.

The medivac is outfitted with a state-of-the-art medical bay and triage station that uses auto-sutures and laser scalpels to seal wounds and repair tissue almost as fast as it’s mangled, though the accuracy and precision of these tools are questioned by marines. Soldiers are administered pain suppressants, growth stimulators, and nanomachines to keep them in the field. The machines also bond with damaged tissue, exponentially boosting its natural regenerative properties. Based on the Quantradyne dropship, the medivac is larger and heavier than its predecessor, due to the medical bay and triage station in the rear of the ship, as well as the array of stabilizers and gyroscopes housed in the airframe that maintain the vessel’s level and orientation. This ship is also designed to ferry personnel and vehicles, including the massive thor, to and from combat zones with minimal fuss.

A support ship, the medivac retains the Quantradyne's rotatable engines, but unlike its predecessor, its boarding/departure ramp is at the front rather than the rear. Heavy medivac losses led engineering crews to perform unsanctioned upgrades to increase engine output, namely adding injectors that pump oxygen-rich fuel into the exhaust stream. The first attempts, while successful at getting medivacs out of fire zones, resulted in heavy stress-induced damage to the turbines and, in rare cases, to the ship’s airframe. When questioned, neither the engineering crews nor soldiers revealed who was responsible for the changes. Dominion officers determined that it was cheaper to upgrade their whole medivac fleet than to discipline an entire troop company. [Source: wikia]

You can download this papercraft model template here [Ctrl+F to serch "첨부파일" for download link]: StarCraft - Medivac Free Papercraft Download