StarCraft II Papercraft - Marauder Free Download


StarCraft II Papercraft - Marauder Free Download This starcraft 2 paper model is designed by a korean designer "ddong5678". The marauder is a terran infantry unit in StarCraft II. It replaced the firebat in multiplayer during development. Primarily a support unit for marines, the marauder arose from a post-Brood War study by the Dominion Armed Forces, showing a greater need of combat units better able to defeat zerg carapaces. To meet this requirement, the 5-4 Armored Infantry Suit was developed from the firebat's CMC-660 and equipped with two Quad K12 "Punisher" grenade launchers on each arm. By 2503, marauders were being fielded. The troops manning the suits are quite different to their firebat counterparts. As of 2504, 47% have never been to jail, and only 23% have ever been accused of murder.

You can download this starcraft papercraft from here: StarCraft II Papercraft - Marauder Free Download