StarCraft II - Jim Raynor Free Papercraft Download

StarCraft II - Jim Raynor Free Papercraft Download


StarCraft II - Jim Raynor Free Papercraft DownloadThis papercraft is a Jim Raynor, a former terran marshal turned rebel, who has became one of the major figures in the Koprulu Sector through his work to bring down the Confederacy and, later, in the struggle against the Confederacy's successor, the Dominion, based on the military science fiction real-time strategy video game , the paper model was created by Neil Cuadros. Jim Raynor is one of the few terrans to engage in a long-term alliance with the protoss.

Jim Raynor was born a farm boy on the Fringe World of Shiloh. In his youth, he was taught outdoor skills such as hunting and shooting by his grandfather, skills which would later prove useful as a marshal. The first eighteen years of his life were spent entirely on his homeworld, working on the farm.

Raynor was good at both schoolwork and working farm equipment, and learned how to drive multiple vehicles such as the vulture and became an expert demolition player for the Centerville team. His father taught him how to brawl, and to stand up to bullies. Raynor would later say that his father taught him where to draw the line, rather than to take a stand. [Source: wikia]

You can download this papercraft model here: StarCraft II - Jim Raynor Free Papercraft Download