Starcraft 2 Papercraft Gun Stand

Starcraft 2 Papercraft Gun Stand


After a very long dormancy and conquering an entire Asian country, the grand-daddy of all RTS video games, Starcraft is finally having a much awaited sequel. Blizzard Entertainment has finally made an official announcement with regards to Starcraft 2 (it's in the works), although no release date yet.

And while the rest of us wait in anticipation, super fan and uber papercraft designer Jan Rükr of the Aliens papercraft fame, has created this 1:1 Terran Marine Cannon papercraft and is planning to release it when the Starcraft 2 video game comes out. So, there's no gun yet, just the display stand for it.

Also check out the photos on his web site for some cool papercrafts that he's working on, most of them are still a work in progress but this two below look like their ready for prime time.

Starcraft 2 Papercraft Gun Stand
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