Star Wars - TIE Pilot Free Papercraft Download

Star Wars - TIE Pilot Free Papercraft Download


Star Wars - TIE Pilot Free Papercraft DownloadThis star wars papercraft is designed by Noturno & Sukhoi _Cuguel. TIE pilots served in the Imperial Navy by piloting the various TIE series starfighters.

At the height of the Galactic Empire, the Imperial Navy had countless Academy graduates and clones at its disposal. During the time of the Imperial Remnant and the reign of a reborn Emperor Palpatine, the Empire was forced to be conservative with the lives of the TIE pilots due to their decreasing numbers, and unmanned TIE/D automated starfighters were used as support craft for living pilots.

They were referred to as "bucketheads" by Rebel pilots, due to their bulky, fully enclosed helmets. Within the Imperial forces they were often referred to as "coffin jockeys", due to the high mortality rate of those manning the vulnerable TIE fighters.

About this star wars paper model:

• Assembler: Pitersimom
• File Formats: PDO, JPEG.
• Scale model: 1/6
• Contents of zip Pack: Model, Instructions and Pictures
• Difficulty: 12345678 (9) 10
• Number of pages: 5

You can download this star wars papercraft from here: Star Wars - TIE Pilot Free Papercraft Download