STAR WARS - Sentinel-class Landing Craft free papercraft download


STAR WARS - Sentinel-class Landing Craft free papercraft downloadThis star wars papercraft is also named "Imperial Landing Craft", desigend by Martin Sänger, the scale is ca. 1:230. The Sentinel-class landing craft, also known as the Sentinel-class shuttle, was a transport used primarily by the Galactic Empire to carry troops, small vehicles, and supplies. This imperial units are a direct evolution of the elegant lambda classes ferries. They are designed to protect their strong shield generators and armor, the imperial stormtroopers sell directly in the combat zone. After landing of assault troops, these landers provide direct fire support. But they were equipped with an impressive number of rapid-fire blasters and rocket launchers.

Manufacturer: Sienar Fleets Sytems, Cygnus SpaceWorks
Length: 38.2 m
Width: 30.9 m
Height: 28.1 m
Crew: 1 pilot, 1 co-pilot, 3 gunners
as troop transports up to 54 man assault troops or 180 tons of payload (eg Speederbikes, AT-PT, light artillery)

About this star wars papercraft:

- Construction paper for the advanced modeler
- 5 x A4 page 103xTeile,
- Flight position: 16.5 cm long, 15 cm wide
- Landing position: 16.5 cm x 16.5 cm
- Movable rear wing
- Alternatively, with extended landing skids
- Ability to view the open loading ramps
- Status display for flight and landing position

You can download this star wars papercraft from here: STAR WARS - Sentinel-class Landing Craft free papercraft download