Star Wars Papercraft - Jango Fett

Star Wars Papercraft - Jango Fett


One of our readers who happens to be a member of The Dented Helmet - Boba & Jango Fett costuming forum, has sent us some links to a couple of Jango Fett papercrafts from designer Andrew 'Skip' Skupinski. You might remember Skip as the one who designed both the 1976 and 2009 Bumblebee Camaro over at Paper Inside. I also found out about the designer's blog so we can now put a face on the name. Visit Skip's Pepakura Costume blog to see progress reports on the papercraft models he's currently working on and don't forget to say hello.

Jango Fett Arena Papercraft Jetpack [thedentedhelmet]
Jango Fett Papercraft Helmet
Skips Pepakura Costumes [SPC]

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