Star Wars - Life Size Stormtrooper Helmet Free Papercraft Download

Star Wars - Life Size Stormtrooper Helmet Free Papercraft Download


Star Wars - Stormtrooper Helmet Free Papercraft DownloadThis star wars papercraft is a Stormtrooper Helmet, created using 2 mm thick EVA (Ethylene-Vinyl-Acetate) foam. This star wars paper model is designed by Julius Perdana from paper-replika. The distinctive helmet has a similar shape as the German Stahlhelm (also used during the latter half of World War I). The waist gear in some ways represents the ammunition pouches of German soldiers. Another similarity is the small cylindrical shaped case resting on the lower back of the wearer. The German gas mask cannisters of World War II had the same cylindrical shape and also rested on the lower back.

This pep file scale is set to 1 (1:1 scale), the complete helmet is 27 cm / 10.6 inches in height, if you want make it bigger change the scale with 1.1 if you want to have 110% size or 1.05 for 105%.

You can download this cool helmet paper model from here: Star Wars - Life Size Stormtrooper Helmet Free Papercraft Download


  1. So I built two of these for my two oldest kids. My daughter was responsible for the cutout of the paper shapes on Eva foam, and I handled the assembly. We then coated them in PVA, painted white with white-rubber-coat, given a light shine coat with gloss ( on one ) and detailed with some black foam. All in all, dedicated focus took:
    1: Cutout of Paper shapes: 1.5hrs
    2: Cut out of foam shapes using paper shapes: Most of the time was organization of components, proper order is important to reduce time in identifying the next part you need. ( papkura's 3D is great by a step by step would be better, since the #'s don't transfer to the working foam ). 2-3hrs. You don't waste much time making two of everything.... so... why not make one for you buddy?

    3: Assembly with superglue. Though many people think hot-glue is better, for assembling but and mountain joints with thin eva foam... the last thing you want is to have to hold tight seams while they cool. Superglue all the way. Since we coat with PVA glue after its complete, there is plenty of bonding to fill in any cracks that were missed. Assembly took two dedicated 6hr days PER helmet. However, the second helmet took 60% of the time due to experience and speed at understanding what part goes where. (12hrs for the first attempt, 8hrs for the 2nd)

    4: Coating. This doesn't take a lot of time, just patience. .5hr per night for a week, gives a GOOD shell. If you put fewer coats, or put it on thick, and "stabilize" it with a heat gun... (gently since EVA is thermally formable. ) ... you can speed the time, but the quality was less. 3hrs spread over 7 days.

    5: Painting. Again, this takes only 10-15min per coat, but you want to seal up with rubber-dip. White is good. When you have a thick coat of rubber dip everwhere.... then hit with gloss where you want it to shine. 1-2hr spread over 7 days.

    6: Lenses. Ground down lenses with a dremel. Fit to eyesockets. Affixed with hotglue. 1hr.

    7: Black details. I put the black details on (filters, ear pieces, radio attenna) after the fact and secured with hot glue. 1hr.

    Total project time: <24hrs total time.
    Cost: Foam: $12 bucks, superglue $4, paint and dip, $16, Safety Goggles $4, hotglue $2.

    Review: AWESOME results... VERY satisfying.