Star Wars - Durge Free Papercraft Download

Star Wars - Durge Free Papercraft Download


Star Wars - Durge Free Papercraft DownloadThis  papercraft is the Durge, a Gen'Dai bounty hunter active in the galaxy for almost two thousand years. Able to survive several near-death situations due to his Gen'Dai heritage and enhanced battle armor, he fought in several wars and collected a multitude of bounties. Over the centuries, Durge acquired a deep distaste for Mandalorians, and even killed their leader at one point. As a result of both personal tragedy and torture, he became increasingly mentally unstable.

Tempted by the idea of killing Republic clone troopers, clones of the Mandalorian Jango Fett, Durge was recruited into the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Clone Wars. Given the rank of commander, he performed several key missions for Count Dooku himself, and led droid forces in combat on more than one occasion. Near the end of the war, he was launched, and Force-pushed into a star near Maramere by Anakin Skywalker where he was truly killed.

Durge was in exceptional physical shape already at an early age, and possessed a natural aggression uncharacteristic of the Gen'Dai species. After witnessing bounty hunters in action, Durge was filled with a lust for hunting. He eventually left his tribe and ventured out into the galaxy, where he trained under various crack bounty hunters. At one point, he met a Mandalorian training master known as Jaing, who taught Durge all he needed to know in the field of Mandalorian tactics and combat skill.

In combat, Durge was a match for even Jedi Knights. His Gen'Dai abilities, coupled with his armor suit, allowed him to hold his own against almost any opponent. Durge's regenerative physique made him difficult to truly kill, and even when unarmed, with both hands chopped off, he presented a major threat to his enemies. Durge was incredibly strong. Once unleashed from his suit, he easily overpowered a squad of clone troopers trying to subdue him and was able to catch a swoop bike mid-flight and wield it as a club. He was no slouch in the speed department, as he could easily keep pace with skilled Jedi, dodging and blitzing even Obi Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker. Despite being hit with nine explosive charges in the face, he managed to keep fighting Anakin Skywalker in their duel above Maramere.

You can download this star wars paper model template here: Star Wars - Durge Free Papercraft Download