Star Wars - Droideka Destroyer Droid Free Paper Model Download

Star Wars - Droideka Destroyer Droid Free Paper Model Download


Star Wars - Droideka Destroyer Droid Free Paper Model DownloadThis  papercraft is a Droideka, also called the destroyer droid (destroyers for short), wheel droid, roller, or rollies in clone trooper slang, a type of heavy battle droid used by the Trade Federation and the Confederacy of Independent Systems, the paper model was created by Noturno & Sukhoi. The scale of the paper model is in 1:6.

Droideka gained a reputation for deadliness over the course of the Clone Wars. Droid commanders such as General Grievous favored the droideka for its resilience and firepower, as well as the fear it could instill in even the most powerful Jedi. They were also used for executions. They were deployed in many battles over the course of the Clone Wars, such as Muunilinst, usually in moderate numbers due to their cost, and were also used as guards in various Confederate installations. After the Clone Wars, remaining droidekas fell into the hands of a variety of factions such as smugglers and criminals.

The droideka was designed by the carnivorous Colicoids of Colla IV, who were displeased by the limitations of Baktoid Combat Automata's basic B1 battle droids, and chiefly manufactured on their homeworld. The Trade Federation traded rare meats to the Colicoids as a way to ease bargaining with the ravenous insectoids, and were able to enjoy special rates on these normally very costly droids. So by cutting down the costs of these battle machines, the CIS was able to get shipments of them by the hundreds. Before the Federation's defeat following their Invasion of Naboo, these droids were usually slaved to a central control computer. This technique fell out of favor in the aftermath of said battle, however, and they would later function independently like the B2 super battle droids did. Even before that time, the droidekas on Colla IV were not slaved to a central computer, this independence rendering them both much more expensive and much more lethal. What also made them unique to battle droids was that they could roll into position on the battle field and act as a turret.

They were more formidable than the Federation's more numerous battle droids for several reasons. They were able to transform into a "wheel" configuration, allowing rapid movement and compact storage. When they encountered their targets, each of the bronzium-armored droidekas would unfold into a tripodal weapons platform, armed with a set of two twin blaster cannons which could unleash a withering torrent of firepower. Often, they were also equipped with deflector shield generators. These personal energy shields projected could endure much punishment, capable of deflecting or absorbing virtually any manner of energy or projectile fire up to the level of a light artillery bolt, as well as rebuffing lightsaber blades and physical attacks. The shields were powered by a starship-class fusion generator housed in a bulb at the junction of the droideka's legs.

However, there was a weak point at the very top of the shield, a point where lightsabers would be able to penetrate. Many Jedi took advantage of this weak point, and it was the most commonly used method of dispatching them in the Clone Wars. Additionally, the effectiveness of these droids was bolstered by their lack of the usual requirement for photoreceptors; instead, droidekas utilized non-visual composite radiation sensors, less likely to be distracted by light-based effects.

Droideka dispensers were sometimes used to transport and deploy these droids even in the middle of intense combat zones, proving a serious nuisance to enemy troops.

About the star wars paper model:
• Format: PDF. and PDO.
• Scale: 1:6
• Content Pack zip: Model and Instruction PDO file
• Difficulty: 1234567(8 ½)910
• Pages: 10

You can download this star wars paper craft template here: Star Wars - Droideka Destroyer Droid Free Paper Model Download