Star Wars - Commander Appo 501st Legion CC-1119 free papercraft download

Star Wars - Commander Appo 501st Legion CC-1119 free papercraft download


Star Wars - Commander Appo 501st Legion CC-1119 free papercraft

CC-1119, also known as "Appo," was a clone commander who led the 501st Legion in a Republic attack on the Jedi Temple at the end of the Clone Wars. During the war, CC-1119 received training from the ARC trooper Alpha-17, where he was given the name "Appo." He served under Darth Vader during the Temple attack and later, when the Republic transformed into the Galactic Empire. Appo and his soldiers became some of the first Imperial stormtroopers, and alongside Vader he worked to suppress threats against the Empire. A month after its creation, he and his men saved Vader's life in a Jedi ambush on Kessel.

In the following weeks, Appo was stationed aboard Vader's Imperator-class Star Destroyer Exactor. He helped Vader to hunt down a group of clone traitors who had aided the escape of Jedi on Murkhana, then continued to aid Vader in the search for those Jedi. The chase took him from Murkhana to the Jedi Temple to Alderaan, where the path of the fugitive Jedi intersected that of Senator Fang Zar—a wanted man by the Empire—and at last to Kashyyyk. As the Empire invaded that world, Appo accompanied Vader to the planet's surface in pursuit of the Jedi, only to be decapitated by Jedi Master Roan Shryne.

The 501st Legion, later known as "Vader's Fist" and the Five Hundred and First, was an elite unit of clone troopers commissioned by Supreme Chancellor Palpatine during the Clone Wars that later became a stormtrooper unit. Made up of units like Torrent Company, the 501st fought in many battles, such as the Battle of Teth and the Battle of Coruscant, becoming one of the most well-known legions. In 19 BBY, the 501st became Darth Vader's personal unit as he led them during Operation: Knightfall, in which the clones helped take down the Jedi, whom they believed to be traitors to the Republic.

Following the rise of the Galactic Empire, the 501st transitioned into a stormtrooper unit, like all other clone units. Given new armor and weapons, the 501st faithfully served the Empire, operating under the direct command of the Sith Lord Darth Vader. After the Battle of Kamino, the 501st became the last remnant of the Grand Army of the Republic fully composed of Jango Fett clones, as opposed to the ever-growing and more diverse Stormtrooper Corps, where the Fett clones became a minority with the inclusion of a pool of clones from different templates and birth-born recruits.

The legion fought in a number of battles during the Galactic Civil War in an effort to defeat the Rebel Alliance and bring peace to the galaxy, although the Alliance ultimately triumphed. Though the 501st was disbanded after the Battle of Endor, the Chiss Grand Admiral Thrawn resurrected the designation by forming a new 501st Legion. He also added more diverse recruits to the 501st, including non-Humans. The reconstituted 501st was stationed in the Unknown Regions, where they protected Thrawn's Empire of the Hand. Over a century later, the legion was in the service of a new Empire, by then under the rule of Emperor Roan Fel.

When Fel was deposed by Darth Krayt shortly after the conclusion of the Sith–Imperial War, the 501st Legion fell under the control of the Dark Lord of the Sith in the year 130 ABY. Seven years later, however, Fel returned from exile and joined in the war against Krayt in order to reclaim his throne. Under the leadership of General Oron Jaeger, the 501st deserted the Dark Lord's Galactic Empire in order to join the Fel faction.

This is a paper model, it is designed by sukho.
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Star Wars - Commander Appo 501st Legion CC-1119 free papercraft download