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Star Wars: Clone Wars - Cody (CC-2224) In Phase II Armor Free Papercraft Download


Star Wars: Clone Wars - Cody (CC-2224) In Phase II Armor Free Papercraft DownloadThis  papercraft is the Cody in Phase II armor, a clone marshal commander assigned to High Jedi General Obi-Wan Kenobi of the Grand Army of the Republic throughout the Clone Wars, the paper model was created by Noturno & Sukhoi. CC-2224's nicknamed is Cody. The scale of the paper craft is in 1:6.

The leader of the 7th Sky Corps, though he typically took personal command of the 212th Attack Battalion, Cody was a loyal and competent soldier who always followed his orders. He was a no-nonsense commander who was very skilled in tactics.

As leader of the 7th Sky Corps, CC-2224 was to be paired with a Jedi General. He was pleased to discover that he would be operating under the command of famed Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi. However, he did not participate in the First Battle of Geonosis. He would later serve under Jedi Master Mace Windu at the Battle of Skor II. In the beginning of the Clone Wars Commander Cody was a Captain, but when General Kenobi saw his skill, he recommended him for a promotion. Then Cody was made a Marshal Commander.

Several months into the Clone Wars, CC-2224 was temporarily pulled from the fighting in order to be entered into an experimental training regiment, headed by ARC trooper Alpha-17, designed to provoke independent thought among the enrolled commanders. As a sign of his new-found independent streak, 2224 took the name "Cody," and began customizing his armor with equipment previously available only to the ARCs. Cody's armor modifications included a small, bullet-shaped jetpack, a secondary comm antenna, a visor on his helmet, a pair of antennae on his helmet, enlarged shoulder pads, and a small stick-like tool in an armband on his upper right arm.

Of the hundred commanders put through Alpha-17's training program, a handful were picked by Alpha-17 and assigned to Squad Seven, an elite group of cross-trained commandos made up of the Grand Army's best snipers, demolition experts, and marines, whose role was to accompany ranking Jedi on any type of mission. For their stellar performances, Commanders Cody and Odd Ball were given control over Squad Seven, although Major Jorir handled its day-to-day operations.

After his additional training, Cody customized his armor, and wore several different versions. Early in the Clone Wars, he used a set of Phase I clone trooper armor that featured a visor, antennas, a small flood light, and orange stripes. Later, Cody was known to have worn at least two similar sets of Phase II armor. One featured two antennae coming from each of his oversized shoulder pads. With this set of armor, Cody also wore a holster on his belt that carried a small blaster pistol and a large jetpack. This set of armor also had orange stripes.

Cody's other set of Phase II armor had a slightly different orange striped paint job, as well as two gray stripes coming down the sides of the top of his helmet. This set of armor also had a small tool attached to the upper arm piece, only one antenna on the shoulder pads with one on the back of his helmet, and a smaller, oval shaped jetpack. Also, Cody has Imperial-like rank markings adorning the left side of his breast-plate.

A loyal and no-nonsense commander, Cody shared easy camaraderie with General Kenobi. His battlefield exploits and good leadership skills had earned him respect of both clones and Jedi alike.

Cody was a cautious trooper and a brilliant strategist. He was often teamed up with Captain Rex and enjoyed friendship with him. Cody possessed especially excellent close combat skills.

While Cody had developed a sense of respect for those who considered him as a friend, like most other clones, his thoroughly ingrained loyalty to the Republic was the dominating trait of his character.

Later in his life, Cody became cynical and bitter because of the changes that were introduced by the New Order, specifically the alterations to the Imperial Military. Though a proud veteran of the Clone Wars, Cody felt nothing except contempt for the Stormtrooper Corps. As one of the last remaining clones of Jango Fett, he felt isolated and alone in his hatred for the birth-born human recruits who came to dominate the ranks of a military that was once the exclusive province of Fett's progeny. From Cody's point of view, enlisted personnel were inferior soldiers compared to the original clone troopers. He regarded the former Grand Army of the Republic as a once truly incredible fighting force, and so he resented the reforms which he believed to be responsible for a significant decrease in the combat effectiveness of the Grand Army's Imperial successor.

Thus he developed a sense of nostalgia for his past as a commander of clone troopers; enlisted stormtroopers were nothing other than expendable resources to him. Furthermore, Cody also felt that his low regard for birth-born troopers would have been shared by his genetic template, Jango Fett, had he still been alive. Ultimately, Cody was convinced that Fett would have killed the enlisted troops if he had lived to see what had become of his legacy.

Phase II clone trooper armor was an enhanced version of the Phase I clone trooperarmor. Phase II incorporated all of its predecessor's systems in addition to polarized lenses, padding, and stronger, lighter armor plates. It could also support more modular attachments, making it superior to its predecessor. It was far more comfortable for Humans to wear than its predecessor, since the Kaminoans had become more familiar with Human anatomy. Unlike early iterations of the Phase I armor, color was used to denote unit affiliation, not rank.

Phase II armor was introduced around 21 BBY, and slowly replaced Phase I armor in the months following. Phase II armor was the basis of the stormtrooper armor later worn by the soldiers of Emperor Palpatine's Empire. Another variant of the Phase II armor was the Katarn armor. ARC trooper armor was also modified to be Phase II.

The new armor incorporated a more advanced air filtration and oxygen supply system, polarized lenses, and an annunciator to make speech more comprehensible. In addition, the boots were magnetized and incorporated a grav-field alternator to ensure stability. Another useful feature was that the armor and the bodysuit could be pressurized, allowing the clones to fight longer in a vacuum environment than its predecessor.

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