STAR WARS - Bulk Freighter free papercraft download


STAR WARS - Bulk Freighter free papercraft downloadThis star wars papercraft is designed by Martin Sänger. The scale is ca. 1:1100. Bulk freighters were huge spaceships used to haul enormous cargo loads. Most of the ship's interior was occupied by cargo bays while the bridge and crew areas were often small and cramped. In spite of this, many spacers signed on to bulk freighters because of the profits involved.

Bulk freighters were very costly to obtain and operate, but the payoffs for transporting such huge loads were much higher than those earned with smaller and more inexpensive light freighters. Therefore they were mainly used by larger shipping concerns or smuggling organizations.

About this star wars papercraft:

- Simple to build, but very showy entry-level model
- An A4 page, 5xTeile
- Model Dimensions: 12 cm long, 7.5 cm wide
- Further guidance in the Readme.doc the zip file.
- By a very high resolution of the arches (80 pixels / cm), a relatively large file is created
- Display (Imperial Outpost asteroid), 3 x A4 pages, 31x Parts

You can download this star wars papercraft from here: STAR WARS - Bulk Freighter free papercraft download