STAR TREK - USS Stargazer free papercraft download

STAR TREK - USS Stargazer free papercraft download


STAR TREK - USS Stargazer free papercraft downloadThis star trek papercraft is designed by Martin Sänger. The scale is 1:700. The USS Stargazer, NCC-2893, is a Federation starship in the fictional universe of Star Trek: The Next Generation. It is a Constellation class starship.

The backstory of Jean-Luc Picard establishes that the Stargazer was the first ship he had captained.

The USS Stargazer is a ship of the Constellation-class, which are mainly used for deep space missions. The design with 4 nacelles is very unusual design for a federation, but the higher life for long duration space is far from the Starfleet shipyards.
The USS Stargazer was the first command of Jean-Luc Picard because he had to replace the use of such deceased captain. Later the ship was involved in a fight with a superior Ferengischiff. Picard defeated the enemy but with an unusual tactical maneuvers, the later "Picard Maneuver".
Nevertheless, the Stargazer was apparently lost and turned up years later in a campaign of revenge against Picard again.

About this star trek papercraft:

- Construction paper for the advanced modeler
- 3 x A4 page 67xTeile,
- Model dimensions: 18 inches long, 9 cm wide
- The instructions Author has enclosed a stargazer.doc stargazer.htm and as the zip file. If Word is not installed on your computer, you are guaranteed to have a browser, or you might not be reading this.
- Here the author use a very high resolution at the arches (80 pixels / cm), the zip file is therefore approximately 3.48 MB in size.

You can download this papercraft from here: STAR TREK - USS Stargazer free papercraft download