Star Trek - Type-10 Shuttlecraft Chaffee Type Shuttlepod Free Papercraft Download

Star Trek - Type-10 Shuttlecraft Chaffee Type Shuttlepod Free Papercraft Download


Star Trek - Type-10 shuttlecraft Chaffee Type Shuttlepod Free Papercraft DownloadThis Star Trek papercraft is the Type-10 shuttlecraft "Chaffee", created by ninjatoes. The Type-10 (Chaffee) Shuttlecraft is a shuttle, a craft designed for short-range missions. It can be requisitioned from a Shuttle Requistions Officer at any Space station upon purchasing the DS9 Bundle Pack for 1800. This shuttle is equipped with a 360-degree Phaser Bank and Photon Torpedo Launcher.

The Chaffee-type was a shuttlepod design used by the Federation Starfleet. This class of shuttlepod was carried aboard the Defiant-class starships in the late-24th century.

The Chaffee-type shuttlepod had a small cockpit with room for about four people. The primary power grid was powered by the impulse engines. The grid made no use of antimatter. For this reason it was capable of entering areas of subspace metreon radiation that would normally collapse the dilithium matrix of a warp core. The pod also had back-up power in case the impulse power failed. There were also primary and secondary navigational computers. The pod was protected with deflector shields. (DS9: "The Sound of Her Voice")

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Technical Manual designated this shuttle as the Type-10 shuttlecraft, as suggested by the ship's designer Doug Drexler and was based on the Type 6 shuttlecraft spaceframe, whose RCS thrusters were incorporated into the design. This type of shuttlecraft was equipped with miniature versions of the Defiant-class impulse and warp drive, with a similar armored warp coil assemblies. Shuttles were armed with phaser emitters and micro-torpedo launchers. Systems also included a Danube-class computer core, shields and signal intelligence jamming devices.

The Chaffee was born out of necessity when it was discovered that the studio model of the original Type 18 shuttlepod had been stolen. Effects supervisor Gary Hutzel turned to Drexler to design a new, larger shuttlecraft now to be realized as a CGI model.

Drexler finished up on two design sketches a day later and turned them in at Foundation where Brandon MacDougall finetuned the design and turned it into a CGI model. It was MacDougall who gave the Chaffee a scaled down refit-Constitution-class impulse drive/impulse deflector crystal assembly as a subtle hommage to that class. MacDougall's model went on to make several appearances in and onto licenced Star Trek publications, most notably in the Star Trek: Ships of the Line calendars and their book derivative.

You can download this star trek papercraft model from here: Star Trek - Type-10 Shuttlecraft Chaffee Type Shuttlepod Free Papercraft Download