STAR TREK - Aeroshuttle free papercraft download


STAR TREK - Aeroshuttle free papercraft downloadThis star trek papercraft is designed by Martin Sänger. The scale is 1:150. An aeroshuttle was a runabout-like spacecraft embedded in the saucer underside of Intrepid-class starships. In 2376, Dala and Zar, posing as Captain Kathryn Janeway and Chakotay, showed Varn a schematic of the USS Voyager which identified its aeroshuttle. A graphic of an aeroshuttle also appeared in Daniels' database while it was being viewed by Captain Archer and T'Pol in 2152. About this papercraft:

- Paper cut-out sheet for the experienced model builder
- 4 x A4 page 69xTeile,
- Model Dimensions: 16.5 cm long, 19.7 inches wide, 2.7 cm high
- 2 different status displays (dynamic and static)

You can download this Star Trek papercraft from here: STAR TREK - Aeroshuttle free papercraft download