Stall-Yo-Yo Goldfish Scooping Free Diorama Papercraft Download

Stall-Yo-Yo Goldfish Scooping Free Diorama Papercraft Download


Stall-Yo-Yo Goldfish Scooping Free Diorama Papercraft DownloadThis paper diorama is a Stall-Yo-Yo Goldfish Scooping, designed by Paper Museum. Goldfish scooping is a traditional Japanese game in which a player scoops goldfish with a special scooper. It is also called, "Scooping Goldfish", "Dipping for Goldfish" or "Snatching Goldfish". "Kingyo" means goldfish and "sukui" means scooping. Sometimes bouncy balls are used instead of goldfish. Japanese summer festivals or ennichi commonly have a stall for this activity. Both children and adults enjoy the game.

Each person plays individually. The basic rule is that the player scoops goldfish from a pool with a paper scooper called a "poi" and puts them into a bowl with the poi. This game requires care and speed as the poi can tear easily. The game is over when the poi is completely broken or incapable of scooping properly. Even if one part of the poi is torn, the player can continue the game with the remaining part.

At ennichi or summer festival stalls, the game is not a competition. Participation typically costs around 100 yen and players can take the scooped goldfish home in a special bag provided by the stall keeper. The game is unlimited, so players can scoop until their pois are completely broken. If they cannot scoop any goldfish, the stall keeper may be kind enough to give them one or two free goldfish. Each stall usually has its own rules. For example, there are some stalls where players can get a stronger poi if they pay more. Other stalls give players special presents if they scoop a lot. In some variations, there are also medaka (Japanese killifish) that are faster and harder to catch than goldfish. Usually, for every four goldfish, there is one medaka, so in ennichi, if you catch one, it counts as four goldfish.

You can download the papercraft here: Stall-Yo-Yo Goldfish Scooping Free Diorama Papercraft Download