Stagecoach Covered Wagon Free Paper Model Download

Stagecoach Covered Wagon Free Paper Model Download


Stagecoach Covered Wagon Free Paper Model DownloadThis vehicle paper model is a Stagecoach covered wagon, the papercraft was created by Inkjet Paper Scissors. A stagecoach is a type of covered wagon for passengers and goods, strongly sprung and drawn by four horses, usually four-in-hand. Widely used before the introduction of railway transport, it made regular trips between stages or stations, which were places of rest provided for stagecoach travelers. The business of running stagecoaches or the act of journeying in them was known as staging.

The stagecoach was supported on the thoroughbraces, which were leather straps supporting the body of the carriage and serving as shock absorbing springs. The front or after compartment of a Continental stagecoach was called a coupé or coupe. An inside passenger or seat was an inside, while an outside passenger or seat was an outside. On the outside were two back seats facing one another, which the British called baskets. In addition to the stage driver who guided the vehicle, a shotgun messenger, armed with a coach gun, often rode as a guard.

The term "stage" originally referred to the distance between stations on a route, the coach traveling the entire route in "stages," but through constant misuse it came to apply to the coach. A fresh set of horses would be staged at the next station, so the coach could continue after a quick stop to rehitch the new horse team. Under this staging system the resting, watering and feeding of the spent horses would not delay the coach. A stagecoach could be any four wheeled vehicle pulled by horses or mules, the primary requirement being that it was used as a public conveyance, running on an established route and schedule. Vehicles included buckboards and dead axle wagons, surplus Army ambulances, celerity coaches, and the deluxe Concord. Selection of the vehicle was made by the owner of the stage line, and he would choose the most efficient vehicle based upon the load to be carried, the road conditions, and the weather; and used a two, four or six-horse team based upon those factors and the type of car.

The stagecoach was also called a stage or stage carriage. Types included:

  • mail coach or post coach: used for carrying mail.
  • mud coach: lighter and smaller than the Concord coach, flat sides, simpler joinery.
  • road coach: revived in the United Kingdom during the last half of the 19th century.

A stage wagon was sometimes used as a stagecoach, especially in thinly settled areas. For more information of the Stagecoach please click on here.

Download the paper craft model here: Stagecoach Covered Wagon Free Paper Model Download