St. Kevin's Church at Glendalough Free Building Paper Model Download

St. Kevin's Church at Glendalough Free Building Paper Model Download


St. Kevin's Church at Glendalough Free Building Paper Model DownloadThis building paper model is the St. Kevin's Church at Glendalough, the papercraft is designed by Pepachal. This stone-roofed building originally had a nave only, with entrance at the west end and a small round-headed window in the east gable. The upper part of the window can be seen above what became the chancel arch, when the chancel and the sacristy were added later. The steep roof, formed of overlapping stones, is supported internally by a semi-circular vault. Access to the croft or roof chamber was through a rectangular opening towards the western end of the vault. The church also had a timber first floor. The belfry with its conical cap and four small windows rises from the west end of the stone roof in the form of a miniature round tower. Saint Cóemgen, popularly anglicized to Kevin (d. c.618) is an Irish saint who was known as the founder and first abbot of Glendalough in County Wicklow, Ireland.

His life is not well known, as no contemporaneous material exists. His Latin vita maintains that he was descended from a royal line and was related to the Dál Messin Corb. He was given the name Coemgen, which means "gentle one", was baptized by Cronan, and educated by St Petroc during that saint's sojourn in Ireland. He lived in solitude at Disert-Coemgen for seven years, sleeping on a dolmen perched on a perilous precipice, that an angel had led him to, and later established a church for his own community at Glendalough. This monastery was to become the parent of several others. Eventually, Glendalough, with its seven churches, became one of the chief pilgrimage destinations in Ireland. His legend says that he lived to the age of 120.

St. Kevin is said to have first lived in Kilnamanagh in what is modern-day Tallaght, Dublin 24, but moved on to Glendalough in order to avoid the company of his followers, a group of monks who founded a monastery on the site. Locals say that it was his monastery that was demolished by developers in the 1970s when building the housing estate that is there today. St. Kevin’s well is all that remains today as the plot was unsuitable for building. It is now surrounded by a garden kept by locals in the saint’s honour. St. Kevin is today the patron saint of the Kilnamanagh parish. His feast day in the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Churches is 3 June.

You can download the paper church model here: St. Kevin's Church at Glendalough Free Building Paper Model Download