Spyro - Sparx the Dragonfly Free Papercraft Download

Spyro - Sparx the Dragonfly Free Papercraft Download


Spyro - Sparx the Dragonfly Free Papercraft DownloadThis papercraft is Sparx the Dragonfly, one of the main characters and Spyro's best friend in action/platform game series Spyro, the paper model was created by stange1337.

Throughout the series, Spyro has always appeared with Sparx at his side. In the Dragon Realms, according to Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly, dragonflies offer protection for young dragons such as Spyro. Without Sparx, Spyro would be susceptible to being killed or defeated in a single hit. He too has the same mischievous personality as Spyro, but he is very protective of him. At first, Sparx communicated by way of buzzing which the dragons could assumedly understand from their reactions. He actually talks, but still retains his buzzing voice in Spyro: A Hero's Tail.

Sparx is Spyro's health meter. Whenever Spyro takes a hit, Sparx's color changes, from gold, to blue, to green, and ultimately disappearing entirely, leaving Spyro vulnerable to defeat upon the next hit. To prevent that, Spyro either flames or charges at small creatures called "fodder" to release a Butterfly, which Sparx devours, to recover one hit point in the process. Sparx can also collect nearby gems and treasure for Spyro.

In later games, Sparx's own abilities can be upgraded, including the ability to withstand an extra hit, being able to retrieve treasure from a larger distance, or even the ability to retrieve gems directly from boxes without requiring Spyro to destroy them first. Sparx can also help Spyro by pointing towards the location of gems that Spyro has not collected yet.

Sparx also appears as a playable character in several mini-games throughout the later games in the Spyro the Dragon series, such as several gauntlet-style levels in Year of the Dragon and Season of Ice, and a rail shooter-style minigame in A Hero's Tail. If the player has acquired the additional hit point, Sparx's own health reflects the extra hit as well. In levels where the player controls a character other than Spyro, Sparx follows along with that character in the same manner as for Spyro. [Source: wikia]

About this papercraft:
Width (Wingspan): 30 cm
Pages: 6
Parts: 69

You can downlaod this paper model template here: Spyro - Sparx the Dragonfly Free Papercraft Download