Sparky the Matchstick Papercraft

Sparky the Matchstick Papercraft


Sparky Matchstick PapercraftI totally missed out on this cool papercraft toy from designer Scott Carrington (aka Dr. Shazam), Sparky the Matchstick came out last year and has had five versions to date.

We're going to play catch up today, the pic on top is the original Sparky Matchstick papercraft. This one below is the Punchline Sparky - as you can see, Sparky got lit up.

This one is Ashes to Ashes Sparky - joins Reefer Madness ^_^

Hood Sparky - doing a "Flying Lady"

Make Your Own Sparky!

and the latest one, R What U Eat Sparky - I love me some McDonald's french fries.

So check it out this wonderful papercraft and more at Dr. Shazam's Papertoy Bonanza site. One more thing, with all these fire related stuff, some Summer Fire Safety Tips for you and special thanks to Scott for letting us know about his work.

Sparky the Matchstick Papercraft Series

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