Space Battleship Yamato Papercraft

Space Battleship Yamato Papercraft


Popularly known in the west as Star Blazers, this Japanese sci-fi anime series has spawned two paper models courtesy of Bandaivisual Japan - they are the Cosmo Zero and Black Tiger papercrafts. These two models originally came with the Space Battleship Yamato papercraft kit back in 2001, but since this book is a rarity now, I guess they decided to give the two small space crafts for free.

Space Battleship Yamato Papercraft [Bandaivisual]

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  1. Hello there
    Im looking for a free Batleship Yamato paper model.
    Sure .that I know the official Bandai offer.but it is to expensive
    and even big
    Where I m gona put a haf meter paper model?
    They need to make a litle model whit normal price!!!
    Any way.I need a kind of simple model.for I can make
    make modifications if I need.
    Can you help me whit that?

    thanks and see you\Daniel

    • Complex models are usually only commercial version, that papercraft are generally scanned, there may be errors, if you just used as reference material, I can help you find it, but if you want to make it, I suggest genuine choice from publishers, you will be crazy because of errors.