Soviet Rocket Launcher 9P116 (ZIL-135V) Free Paper Model Download


Soviet Rocket Launcher 9P116 (ZIL-135V) Free Paper Model DownloadThis paper model is a Rocket Launcher 9P116 (ZIL-135V), created by Russian Engineers, and the scale is in 1:33. During the arms race many interesting and unusual vehicles were created. To most of us they look rather strange, however some of them may even astonish specialists. The rocket launcher 9P116 is just one of these.

The helicopter launcher was developed by the ZIL factory and was named ZIL-135V (9З116). For the creation of this vehicle they used the most original and the boldest technical decisions and findings. It was made for the covert delivery of a wheeled vehicle by the air, for deployment in the area of an enemy or in a rough area for a sudden single missile strike.

According to the estimation of the designers, the distance from the take off point of the helicopter to the place of missile launch amounted to 270 km. For transportation of the missile launcher it was decided to use the rigid suspension of a heavy helicopter Mi-10 also known as a "flying crane". The whole system (helicopter + missile launcher) was named the Mi-10RVK. 9P116 had been developed in the highest secrecy since 1962.

You can download the papercraft model here: Soviet Rocket Launcher 9P116 (ZIL-135V) Free Paper Model Download [] [Box] [Gavitex] []