Soviet ASU-57 Assault Gun Free Paper Model Download

Soviet ASU-57 Assault Gun Free Paper Model Download


Soviet ASU-57 Assault Gun Free Paper Model DownloadThis paper model is an ASU-57, a small, lightly constructed Soviet assault gun specifically designed for use by Soviet airborne divisions, the papercraft is created by Russian Engineers, and the scale is in 1:25.

The ASU-57 was designed to be a light-weight assault gun that could be air-dropped and deployed by rocket-assisted parachute (PP-128-500 or P-7) along with the troops. It was lightly armored and armed with a 57 mm gun Ch-51, a development of the World War IIZIS-2 but with some similarities to the Ch-26. From 1954, an improved 57mm gun Ch-51M with a much shorter double-baffle muzzle brake was fitted. The gun fired the standard caliber 57x480R ammunition of the ZIS-2 anti-tank gun, such as the BR-271 series and the O-271U, of which it had 30 on board. The ASU-57's engine was taken from the GAZ-M-20 "Pobeda" civilian car.

The ASU-57 was a successful design that saw service with Soviet airborne divisions for around 20 years before being replaced by theASU-85. During its years of operation, 54 vehicles would have been assigned to each airborne division.

One main drawback was the vehicle's welded aluminum hull, which offered little protection for the crew. However, for airborne troops, such vehicles are invaluable, giving lightly armed soldiers who are isolated behind enemy lines mobile artillery support on the battlefield.

Every vehicle was equipped with a 10RT-12 radio and a TPU-47 intercom system. Late-production models replaced these with the R-113 and R-120 respectively, and also had a TVN-2 night vision device for the driver. [Source: wikipedia]

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