Soul Eater - Patricia Thompson Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download

Soul Eater - Patricia Thompson Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download


Soul Eater - Patricia Thompson Cube Craft Free Paper Toy DownloadThis cube craft paper toy is Patricia Thompson (Patricia "Patti" Thompson), also spelled "Patty" in some translations is one half of Death the Kid's Demon Twin Guns, the younger sister of Elizabeth "Liz" Thompson and more naïve of the two. She is two star weapon and an elite member of the group Spartoi, based on the manga / game series Soul Eater, the papercraft was created by alonso jacobo.

Patti is 'physically' older than Kid, Black☆Star, Soul and Maka. She has chin-length, bright yellow hair with bangs, light blue eyes and she has bigger boobs than her sister even though her sister is older and taller. Both of the Thompson sisters wear cowgirl outfits: A tight, red, sleeveless, turtleneck belly shirt with a white tie, cowboy hat and black, high-heel boots. However, unlike Liz, Patti wears puffy shorts. There is also a subtle difference in her hat. Liz's hat has rims that slant forwards, whereas Patti's hat has rims that are in a perfect curve. Later on in the anime, both sisters wear white jackets over their outfits. Like Liz, Patti's soul has a pink color and has two curved triangles representing her hat. In Spartoi uniform, Patti wears a zip-up top over a blue vest and a jacket with a high collar like Liz. She keeps her puffy shorts but replaces her cowboy hat with a hat that has floppy 'ears' on each side.

Patti transforms into a boy upon entering the Book of Eibon. She is shown to have shorter hair covered by a beanie hat. She also resembles her psychotic self a bit more, as her eyes look slightly more crazed than in her girl form. She wears a white jacket and shirt and dark pants like Liz. The only difference is that Patti has the Spartoi logo on her left shoulder and a large Shinigami skull emblazoned on her back.

Patti mostly speaks in a sing-song voice, acting and speaking like a little kid. She says "hello" and "sorry", like a child says "hullo" and "sowwy". She is so naïve and simple-minded that she thinks everything is all fun and games and she does not take anything seriously. While taking an important written exam, instead of answering questions, she began making an origami giraffe out of her test papers, then "broke its friggin' neck". Her current personality differs from the seemingly aggressive personality she had during her time in Brooklyn, developing her current personality after she met Kid. Unlike her sister, Patti enjoys the drama brought on by Kid's perfectionist attitude; though she does cheer him up when he gets down on himself about it.

On the few occasions when she loses her temper, her childlike personality is replaced by a somewhat psychotic-seeming anger, as if her personality reverted back into her past street life in Brooklyn. There have been times though, that Patti's childishly naïve personality disappears to make room for a more serious personality, suggesting that her bubble-like personality may be a front, or merely how she wants to act. These changes are more evident in the manga, recent example of which was seen after Kid got 'collected' by Noah. Patti uncharacteristically called her sister a coward when she refused to fight Noah, and showed a surprising maturity by comforting her sister afterward. Whether these qualities count as her own form of madness has yet to be clarified.

When having her gender switched inside the Book of Eibon, his personality leans his more crazed side, with a higher amount of aggression as he threatens to "beat up" with a sadistic look on his face.

You can download this cube paper craft toy here: Soul Eater - Patricia Thompson Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download