Soul Eater - Justin Law Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download

Soul Eater - Justin Law Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download


Soul Eater - Justin Law Cube Craft Free Paper Toy DownloadThis Cube Craft paper toy is the Justin Law, the seventeen-year-old Death scythe in charge of Death Weapon Meister Academy's Europe division, based on the manga / game series , the papercraft was created by alonso jacobo.

Justin used to be seen as devout in his services to Lord Death, however, as of now; he has demonstrated his service to Asura as a result of having succumbed to Madness. He was also briefly part of Noah's group when he was searching for Asura's hiding place. His weapon form is a Weapon guillotine, which prompts his Death scythe nick-name, "The Executioner". He is also infamous for his consistent listening of loud music via headphones, which almost always leaves him unable to hear anything. Fortunately, he does possess the ability to read people's lips when speaking to them.

Justin's personality can be described as polite and zealous. He is seen smiling numerous times in the series and addresses his peers and enemies with suffixes. He does not openly look down on anyone, nor chastises them, yet is prepared to kill should he be given the orders by Shinigami.

One of Justin's most notable characteristics was his devout faith in Shinigami to whom he prays and give thanks for everything. His faith affects the clothes he wears and how he typically speaks, using chiefly religious terms even within his normal sentences.

Another characteristic is his earphones, which he is never seen without and has the volume of the music turned up rather high. The volume is so high; it prevents him from hearing when people speak to him. Because of this, or out of necessity, Justin has the ability to read lips but due to habit anf fact that Shinigami is wearing a mask, he cannot understand him. This also applies to Tezca Tlipoca, who spoke to Justin on several occasions in the past but never realized that Justin could not actually hear him. Another drawback is that he tends to speak loudly due to his constant use of headphones. This also annoys other people who are not aware that he is capable of reading lips, leading them to think that he is ignoring them.

Justin was later revealed to have been a spy for Noah, defecting to his gang and demonstrating his true faith in Asura. After this change of heart, Justin even went as far as murdering Joe Buttataki simply to create a rift between Shibusen and Stein, while also preventing B.J. from discovering his real intentions. From this point onward, Justin has demonstrated that he has developed a sadistic side, taking off his earphones for the first time in the series just to hear the rhythmic sound of Gopher beating up Death the Kid. He casually spoke of killing Joe Buttataki, in the name of the Kishin, after meeting Stein and Marie and smiled in agreement when Stein asked if he was going to kill Maka next. When Marie attacked him, he insulted her by claiming her power was not enough because she was a woman, even if she is a Death Scythe .

As he spends more time under the influence of the Kishin's madness, Justin seems to have lost more and more of his original personality; when confronted by Sid, Marie, and Stein at Noah's base he raves manically to the sky as he fights them, shouting nonsense words. Later, when in the Ukraine to investigate Crona's presence there, he appears far more disturbed and sadistic than ever before; demonstrated by the many distorted faces he makes and his violent nature which seems to be growing in ferocity.

Also ever since abandoning his following of Shinigami for the Kishin he has chosen to pray to moon, where his god resides which is in a way similar to how the ancient Greeks prayed to the Greek Gods. In the anime he is much different than in the manga, as in the anime he stays loyal to the Shinigami throughout the whole series, as opposed to in the manga where he defects to Asura.

You can download this cube paper toy here: Soul Eater - Justin Law Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download