Soul Eater - Excalibur Free Paper Toy Download

Soul Eater - Excalibur Free Paper Toy Download


Soul Eater - Excalibur Free Paper Toy DownloadThis paper toy is the Excalibur, based on the manga / anime / game Soul Eater, the paper model was designed by cubefusion. Excalibur, the Holy Sword, is the name given to the legendary blade used by heroes and kings, which is unrivaled by any other weapon present within the series continuity. It's implied that he is one of the eight Great Old Ones, and thus is a former acquaintance of Shinigami, whose very existence invites people towards the madness of "anger".

Contrary to the elaborate ornamentation and radiant atmosphere demonstrated by his legendary weapon form, Excalibur is instead a simplistic anthropomorphic creature, whose diminished stature barely even equates to that of a small child. Its misshapen facial features comprise of bulbous eyes that, according to Joe, look like a failed arts and crafts project. He also has a prominent upturned snout, a physical representation alluding to its reserved and pretentious attitude, while the remainder of its small white body displays slender limbs and feet strangely akin to those of a rabbit.

The only slight indication of Excalibur's prestige is his high quality attire, consisting from a white top hat that nearly equals him in height and a similarly coloured shirt with a frilled ruff, worn under a white jacket. However, this esteemed air is severely compromised by the absence of any clothing covering the creature's lower half.

Excalibur also is never seen without his signature cane, which strangely seems to be an extension of himself, since it transforms into and out of weapon form with him. Excalibur constantly points this cane mere inches from others' faces, usually while exclaiming "Fool!" at them. He also uses it to dance complex and unique dance steps, often spinning it around rapidly.

Despite its classification remaining amongst the other pre-existing demon weapons, at least in regards to its properties, Excalibur doesn't conform to the typical restrictions of its kin, as in actuality anyone is considered compatible with its wavelength and thus, capable of wielding him.

However, contrary to this unique trait, the number of people counted as his partner over the various centuries remains relatively few, due solely to the fact that no individual is able to withstand his personality for prolonged periods of time. Regarded as being a greater narcissist than even the egotistical BlackStar, this defective personality is only exacerbated by his short temperament and patience, making Excalibur truly insufferable to all but a "chosen" few.

It is for this reason alone that those who are able to utilize Excalibur long enough to achieve anything significant, are referred with such heraldry as "hero" and "king", as only they possess the means and/or strength of will to withstand these annoying deficiencies.

This dysfunctional personality manifests itself most frequently in the declaration of the word "fool", employed as a means of interruption to those Excalibur views with disdain and contempt, which due to his extensive superiority complex is practically applicable to everyone. Amongst such disparaging remarks, Excalibur propagates numerous nonsensical and confused rants about its supposed mythic exploits, before bursting into song. If these defects aren't enough to fend off any would be advocates, his mannerisms will surely repulse even the most convicted of individuals, whether it be from Excalibur waving his cane just millimeters from other's faces or one of his deplorable sneezing fits.

You can download this papercraft template here: Soul Eater - Excalibur Free Paper Toy Download