Soul Eater - Chibi Soul Evans Free Papercraft Download

Soul Eater - Chibi Soul Evans Free Papercraft Download


Soul Eater - Chibi Soul Evans Free Papercraft DownloadThis paper toy is a chibi , a demon scythe and the partner of , and the main male protagonist, based on the manga / game series , the papercraft was created by Desu. There is also a Soul Evans Cube Craft at the site. His weapon form has a-red and-black blade and an eye near its heel which expresses his emotions.

He has a laid-back and nonchalant personality and tries to maintain a "cool" attitude, but oftentimes ends up embarrassing himself instead. He tends to bicker with Maka over unimportant things from time to time, but is fiercely loyal to her and has more than once displayed his will to die for his friends' safety. He also fights to resist the madness-inducing effects of black blood, which takes the form of a little demon who appears within his subconscious, after he is slashed in the chest by Ragnarok and infected with the Demon Sword's blood.

As a member of a renowned family of musicians, Soul is a talented pianist, but used his discovery of his weapon powers as an excuse to break ties from the family tradition and pursue the goal of becoming the most powerful death scythe ever. He dislikes being compared to his older brother Wes, a famous violinist, and is often reluctant to play music for other people. He can use this talent when resonating his soul wavelength with others, playing the piano within his soul to drastically enhance their power.

He manages to become a death scythe after defeating Arachne with Maka and eating her soul. Since becoming a death scythe Soul has shown the ability to form a scythe on his arm with piano keys to attack with sound waves. He is also able to find the rhythm of his enemies attacks and use what he calls "Soul Hack" to take control of that opponents ability.

You can download the papercraft template here: Soul Eater - Chibi Soul Evans Free Papercraft Download