The Smurfs - Sassette Smurfling Free Papercraft Download

The Smurfs - Sassette Smurfling Free Papercraft Download


The Smurfs - Sassette Smurfling Free Papercraft DownloadThis papercraft is Sassette Smurfling, one of the main characters of  cartoon show, who has appeared on the show from Season 5 to the end, the paper toy is created by Paper Mike.

Sassette is a tomboy: playful, energetic, and is willing to get dirty just to have some fun. During her debut episode, Sassette liked playing usual boy games, like marbles, climbing trees, digging for earthworms, arm wrestling and even mud playing. She did gain some feminine interests over time.

She was the second female Smurf who was created by the same magic formula Gargamel had used to create Smurfette with, though the Smurflings who created her used a smaller amount of blue clay than what Gargamel used for Smurfette, resulting in a female Smurfling.

Her attitude is that of a tomboy Smurfling who likes to do things that her fellow male Smurflings do. Smurfette considers her a sister Smurf, though, despite having a hard time understanding Sassette's interests at first. She does have a girly side though -- she likes dressing up and playing with her doll Smurfy Lou.

Sassette is always coming up with new plans that she uses to make the lives of her fellow adult Smurfs easier, such as hosting the Mr. Smurf Contest, so that Smurfette could choose which Smurf to be her date to the Harvest Moon Ball. [Source: wikia]

About the paper model:
Size: 25 cm
Pages: 8
Format: .pdo, line + lineless

You can download this papercraft model here: The Smurfs - Sassette Smurfling Free Papercraft Download