Skelanimals Papercraft - Foxy the Fox


Skelanimals Foxy the Fox PapercraftKit the Cat is not going to be lonely anymore ^^, she's now joined by her SkelanimalsSkelanimals pal Foxy the Fox.

A little something about Foxy:

Foxy’s favorite scary movie is “Ghost Hounds.” She likes being chased. Foxy and Dax play together a lot, only because she pesters him until he chases her to some place he’s never been and then she’ll watch him from a distance as he finds his way home. She’s a good friend and will try her best to get you out of trouble even though she’s the one that got you in trouble in the first place.

As always, this wonderful papercraft was made possible by our ├╝ber friends - the PaperPokes - don't forget to visit ^^

Skelanimals - Foxy the Fox Papercraft [Letter]
Skelanimals - Foxy the Fox Papercraft [A4]

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