Sikorsky S-40 Flying Boat free papercraft download


Sikorsky S-40 Flying Boat free papercraft downloadThis flying boat paper model is designed by bobscardmodels. The first Pan American plane to be called a “Clipper,” the S-40 grew out of Juan Trippe and Charles Lindbergh’s desire for a strong, sturdy, high-capacity four-engined transport to serve as an ocean liner of the air. Originally conceived in late 1928, the S-40 made its first test flight April, 1931, and on October 10, 1931, First Lady Lou Hoover, wife of President Herbert Hoover, christened the first S-40 “American Clipper” with a bottle of Caribbean water. On November 19, 1931, the American Clipper made its first passenger flight, to Cristobal in the Panama Canal Zone, via Kingston, Jamaica and Barranquilla, Colombia.  Pan American technical advisor Charles Lindbergh was in command of the flight as far as Baranquilla, with Basil Rowe as copilot. The largest plane built in America at the time, the plane had a gross take-off weight of 34,000 lbs and could carry 38 passengers in luxurious wood-paneled compartments on flights of up to 500 miles, or 24 passengers on flights of up to 900 miles. It was with the S-40 that Pan Am first pioneered the maritime theme that became so strongly associated with the airline, not only calling the ships “clippers,” but dressing its crew in naval-style uniforms and using maritime terminology, to give passengers a sense of security and professionalism, and encourage people to think of airliners as an alternative to ocean liners. You can download this flying boat papercraft from here: Sikorsky S-40 Flying Boat free papercraft download