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Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable - Chibi Theodore Free Paper Toy Download


Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable - Chibi Theodore Free Paper Toy DownloadThis paper toy is a  Theodore (aka the nickname Theo), a non-player character from the video game Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable, the papercraft created by smilerobinson. Theodore can be chosen by the player to serve as Igor's assistant in the Velvet Room if the female protagonist is chosen. He is the younger brother of Elizabeth and Margaret.

Theodore is a polite and serious young man. Despite his seemingly taciturn disposition, he is actually quite a show-off to the protagonist whenever he requests her to escort her in the outside world and, through this attitude, his naiveté greatly shows, usually with humorous repercussions.

Though nothing is shown of Theodore's interactions with his sisters in the game, some of his quests briefly hint of his relationship with them. Elizabeth's presence is implied to make him wary as Request #28, he states that the "Queen Elizabeth" gives him a chill down his spine leading to his decision of not drinking it. Also his naïve and vulnerable nature is hinted more during Request #63 when he muttered to himself of the time when "they" fed him dog food.

Like his sister to the male protagonist, Theo develops feelings for the female protagonist as they spend time together around Port Island. The result, though, is tragic with him breaking everything off, Theo's duties as the Velvet Room's attendant his reasons.

When Theo challenges the protagonist, his politeness is still shown, prompting the player to fight as if she wants to kill him. He also apologizes to her when he attacks and lands a hit. But even through his politeness, he won't think twice in using Megidolaon when certain easy to achieve requirements are met.

Theodore can only be chosen and subsequently fought by the female protagonist in Persona 3 Portable. Theodore's Personas are different than Elizabeth's during the optional fight, solely using Abrahamic Personas, but the skills used are entirely identical.

Like the battle with Elizabeth, he uses a set pattern of Personas that he will summon during the battle. The order of the pattern is: Uriel, Gabriel, Michael, Raphael, Sandalphon, Lilith, Abaddon, and Beelzebub. Note that Theo uses Personas that are both Devils and Angels, the first four consisting of prominent angels and the latter three being prominent devils.

Theo can be found when the player pursues the female protagonist path when the appropriate choice is made. Aside from his usual requests, Theo will also tell the protagonist when there is a person who is stranded in Tartarus within a set range of floors. He can replace Elizabeth as Igor's assistant. He serves as one of the ultimate bosses for the female protagonist's path, the other being Margaret.

Some of his requests will require the female protagonist to take him to specific locations in the real world, considered dates. It is unknown whether or not this can be considered canon. Throughout his dates, he proves that he is very proud and modest, pretending to know everything there is to know about everything. He can determine the secret ingredient in takoyaki just by the smell of it, and can tell the temperature of water just by feeling it. He is not as humorous as Elizabeth, and most of his humor stems from his seriousness about his knowledge. He repeatedly asks Igor to install crane games and escalators, et cetera, into the Velvet Room, but always fails. [Source: wikia]

You can download the paper craft toy here: Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable - Chibi Theodore Free Paper Toy Download