Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Chibi Papercrafts Free Download

Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Chibi Papercrafts Free Download


Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Chibi Papercrafts Free DownloadHere are six  papercrafts, they are: MC (Abel or Protagonist), Naoya, Midori Komaki, Yuzu Tanikawa, Keisuke Takagi and Atsuro Kihara, based on the role-playing game Devil Survivor of the Shin Megami Tensei series, the paper toys were created by tsunyandere.

The Protagonist of Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor is a high school student in Japan. Much like the protagonists of the Shin Megami Tensei series, this Protagonist is a clean slate, allowing for the player to develop his personality in whatever direction they see fit: either reveling in the power the COMP offers, or desperately finding a solution to everything, or completely consumed by fear, or any other number of situations that may arise within the game.

His interactions and movements are controlled by the player. His personality is also shaped through the decisions he make as he interacts with the characters in the story. The course and ending of the story depends on these decisions, as well as the events that affect the other characters.

Naoya is a character from Devil Survivor and Devil Survivor Overclocked . He is the cousin of the protagonist in both games. Naoya is a quick witted individual, described as being very knowledgable to the point of being a genius. Generally, he is level headed and rarely loses his cool unless the subject of God is brought up. He is also very manipulative, claiming to see the protagonist, himself and his friends as pawns.

Midori Komaki is a very friendly girl with an extreme affinity of justice and love, which often make her look extremely childish once she shows her true side. She follows her father's lesson of helping people no matter what, however she displays her desires of helping people without thinking about the consequences of her own actions.

Yuzu Tanikawa has a bubbly personality but can sometimes be uncertain about herself and her power at first. It is also implied that she doesn't believe in God and thinks it's all the angel's fault. Atsuro calls her "YooHoo" a name she doesn't much like. She is also caring and protective of her friends but can be an enemy if you choose to rule over the world.

In the Drama CD, it is implied that she might have a feeling for the Protagonist. In game, she shows irritation whenever other female characters are near him. Yuzu also acts embarrassed whenever Atsuro teases her about liking the protagonist, or if you choose an answer implying romantic feelings towards her.

Keisuke Takagi is Atsuro Kihara's old friend from school. Keisuke is a very calm and thoughtful person. However, he hides a very extreme judgmental side towards people who commit despicable acts such as bullying and using their power for their own selfish desires. Once Midori is told to be executed by humans in a Laplace Mail, Keisuke gets furious and tries to create a world where people will have to be judged by Yama, the judge from Hell, a demon he summoned from his own anger.

Atsuro Kihara is considered an avid net user and good friend to the Protagonist and Yuzu. He idolizes Naoya and likes to be thought of as his student, which Yuzu doesn't like to hear. He is the brains of the group. In Overclocked, through Naoya/Kaido's route, it is implied that he has feelings for Yuzu. His parents were both engineers and worked at Silicon Valley. He never went because he says his English was too bad.

Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor, known in Japan as Megami Ibunroku Devil Survivor, is a role-playing game for the Nintendo DS.

Devil Survivor is set in modern-day Tokyo. One day, the protagonist, a 17 year-old student, finds that he and his two friends, Atsuro Kihara, a computer hacker, and Yuzu Tanikawa, a spirited fighter, have been given modified electronic device called COMPs by his older cousin Naoya. As they are exploring their purpose, an outbreak of demons occurs within Tokyo, and a large area of the city is quarantined by the Japanese Ground Self-Defense Forces, denying power, communications, and food to those trapped within. The chaotic situation gives rise to vigilantes who take it upon themselves to fight the demons or even prey on weaker humans. The protagonist and his friends discover their COMPs allow them to summon helpful demons to fight the aggressive ones, allowing them to survive the attacks. The protagonist also finds he has the ability to see a person's "death clock", representing how many days a person will have left to live. While he uses it to help himself and his friends to change their own fate, the protagonist realizes that everyone within the quarantine will die within seven days.

As they try to learn the mystery of the lockdown, they encounter several playable character allies: Keisuke Takagi, Atsuro's school friend who has a strong sense of justice; Midori Komaki, a cosplay idol, personifying her role in protecting the innocent from demons; Eiji Kamiya, or "Gin", the manager of a local live music bar; Tadashi Nikaido, or "Kaido", the charismatic leader of the street gang, the "Shibuya Daemons"; Mari Mochizuki, an elementary school tutor seeking the demon that killed her lover; Misaki Izuna, a military officer overseeing the quarantine; Amane Kuzuryu, the daughter of the leader of the Shomonkai, a religious cult that seems to be behind the demon outbreak; and Black Frost, a demon that helps other weaker demons from ruthless human attacks after being saved by Midori. Other allies include: Yoshino Harusawa, or Haru, a singer who believes her song was responsible for the demon outbreak; Yasuyuki Honda, a company man trapped in the quarantine while his son, outside it, is undergoing a serious operation; and Shoji, a female journalist that had been investigating the events leading to the quarantine before it started.

Through their investigation, the protagonist and his allies find that the demon outbreak is a result of a planned battle between angels and demons, as a measure to judge the worthiness of mankind. If, after seven days, the demons are not stopped, the angels will destroy mankind. The Japanese government had been aware of this event for years, and had enacted the PSE Law as a safeguard, which embedded remote-controlled electromagnetic devices in every consumer electronics; if the demons outbreak cannot be stopped, the government can use these devices at the last moment to destroy all living things within the quarantine, human and demon alike. As the plot goes on, the protagonist unintentionally involves himself in the battle for the Throne of Bel, making him a target for all other Demons that are in competition with him.

Depending on the path players take, the protagonist comes to learn that Naoya and himself are the reincarnations of the biblical Cain and Abel, respectively. Naoya worked with the Shomonkai to create the programs to summon demons as to bring about this event, initially through the keyboard used by Aya, one of Haru's band members. The Shomonkai sought to bring the king of demons Belberith to the world in order for the demons to win the battle, and Naoya required the protagonist and his friends to survive long enough for this event to happen.

Numerous choices made by the player will affect his friends and allies, and there are several endings to the game, which include whether the player's goal is to simply escape the quarantine or to prevent the demon uprising. The latter can be accomplished several ways, including controlling demons as the Messiah, controlling demons as the Lord of Bel, controlling demons for humanity's sake, or erasing demons from Earth altogether.

You can download these paper craft templates here: Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Chibi Papercrafts Free Download