Raccoon Dog (shigaraki Chokipeta) Papercraft


Raccoon Dog (shigaraki Chokipeta) Papercraft

Here is a cute paper model of a Shigaraki Raccoon Dog papercraft, now you may ask what is a Shigaraki Raccoon Dog? to be brief, Shigaraki is a village in Japan that used to be its capital waaaaay back in the early days. A raccoon dog, also known as a "tanuki", is a dog which for all arguments resembles a raccoon, including markings and body structure. The Shigaraki Raccoon Dog is a local celebrity in Japan, in which they create figurines for it. The man who started this was Tetsuzo Fujiwara, a ceramic sculptor who focused most of his work with ceramic raccoon dogs that have different facial expressions and unique shapes, which in turn started a tradition of this loveable Shigaraki Raccoon Dog dolls and figurines.

Shigaraki Raccoon Dog PapercraftShigaraki Raccoon Dog PapercraftShigaraki Raccoon Dog Papercraft

This papercraft is in a PDF file, created and hosted by Chokipeta.jp - a company very well known in asian and european countries for creating beautiful paper crafts.
Shigaraki Raccoon Dog Papercraft