Shavit Rocket Free Paper Model Download

Shavit Rocket Free Paper Model Download


Shavit Rocket Free Paper Model DownloadThis is a Shavit, a space launch vehicle produced by Israel to launch small satellites into low earth orbit, the papercraft is created by Dragos. Shavit was first launched on September 19, 1988 (carrying an Ofeq satellite payload), making Israel the eighth nation to have a space launch capability after the USSR, United States, France, Japan, People's Republic of China, United Kingdom and India.

Shavit rockets are launched from Palmachim Airbase by the Israeli Space Agency into a highly retrograde orbit over the Mediterranean Sea to prevent debris coming down in populated areas and also to avoid flying over nations hostile to Israel to the east; this results in a lower payload-to-orbit than east-directed launches would allow. The launcher consists of three stages powered by solid fuel rocket motors, with an optional liquid fuel fourth stage, and is manufactured by IAI. For more information of the Shavit Rocket please click here.

You can download this rocket paper model here: Shavit Rocket Free Paper Model Download

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