SG-1000 Video Game Console Free Paper Model Download

SG-1000 Video Game Console Free Paper Model Download


SG-1000 Video Game Console Free Paper Model DownloadThis paper model is a SG-1000 (Sega Game 1000), a cartridge-based video game console released in 1983 by Sega, the papercraft was created by Sega. SG-1000 stands as Sega's first entry into the video game console market, and though was not seen as a huge success, gave the company more experience when dealing with future systems. It is now a rare and often sought after console. Its computer counterpart, released during the same period, is the SC-3000.

The SG-1000 is a top-loading cartridge based video game console with a white and grey plastic finish. Compared to many other systems from around this era the SG-1000 sports a relatively simplistic design - a power switch, RF output and expansion port on the back, and a red reset button at the front. The first controller (a SJ-200) is hard-wired into the unit and cannot be easily removed; however, a second controller can be connected through a DE-9 port on the right-hand side of the unit.

Internally the SG-1000 is roughly on par with the ColecoVision and original MSX standard, though has differing amounts of RAM. The similarities likely explain why the Telegames Personal Arcade is compatible with both the ColecoVision and SG-1000, and how in recent years a number of SG-1000 games have been unofficially ported to the ColecoVision. In Taiwan and South Korea, several MSX games have also been ported to the SG-1000.

The SG-1000 is a much flatter console than people expect - its odd shape and aesthetics give the impression that it is a taller system than it actually is.

Controls were an issue for the SG-1000 - the SJ-200 is often criticised for being stiff and unresponsive, and should it break, there is no easy way to replace it. All future consoles by Sega would allow both controllers to be removed. The SK-1100 keyboard is designed to be plugged into the back of the SG-1000, bringing the unit closer to the offerings of the SC-3000. [Source: Segaretro]

Technical Specifications

  • CPU: NEC 780C (clone of Zilog Z80)
    • 3.579545MHz for NTSC, 3.546893MHz for PAL
  • Main RAM: 8 Kbits (1 KB)
  • VRAM: 128 Kbits (16 KB)
  • Sound: Texas Instruments SN76489
    • 4 channel mono sound
    • 3 sound generators, 4 octaves each, 1 white noise generator
  • Screen resolution: 256x192 (16 colors)
  • Ports:
    • 1 Cartridge
    • 1 RF output
    • 1 joystick port (for player two, the first player's joystick is connected internally)
    • 1 expansion port (compatible with the SK-1100 keyboard)

You can download the papercraft model here: SG-1000 Video Game Console Free Paper Model Download