Sengoku BASARA - Chibi Takeda Shingen Free Paper Craft Download

Sengoku BASARA - Chibi Takeda Shingen Free Paper Craft Download


Sengoku BASARA - Chibi Takeda Shingen Free Paper Craft DownloadThis papercraft is a chibi Takeda Shingen, based on the video game Sengoku Basara, the paper model is designed by yoshiniti. Takeda Shingen is a character first introduced in the first Sengoku Basara. In Devil Kings, he is also known as Red Minotaur.

Leader of the Takeda clan, famous for its cavalry. Has a large, imposing frame and a brilliant mind as well. Wields a giant axe. Often starts large and unnecessary brawls with Yukimura, sometimes for no reason, usually by wrestling or exchanging names while punching each other at the face. He is critically ill in Sengoku Basara 3. But in Sengoku Basara 3 UTAGE, he has been healed for his illness immidietly, thus being a playable character in the game.

Takeda Shingen was the most famous leader of the Takeda clan and one of the most famous leaders in the Sengoku Period. Even though the young Shingen was gifted, his relation with his father was so poor that his father considered making Shingen's younger brother his heir instead of Takeda Shingen himself.

When he heard of this, Shingen led a rebellion against his father and took control of the clan. His younger brother did not resent Shingen for it and became one of his most loyal generals.

After leading his clan for years he attacked an ally of the Uesugi Clan which forced Uesugi Kenshin to fight him and thus a rivaly was born. Takeda Shingen and Uesugi Kenshin fought many battles with each other. The fourth one was the bloodiest and both Takeda and Kenshin suffered heavy casulties; Takeda even lost his younger brother.

Despite their rivaly the two warlords had nothing but respect for each other and would often send each other gifts. When the surrounding lords refused to trade with Takeda because they feared him Kenshin secretly smuggled food to him and advised him to attack his neighbors because their actions where an act of war. Takeda on the other hand gave Kenshin his sword which was one of his dearest possesions.

When Oda rose to power Takeda was one of the few warlords powerful eneough to stop him but after some victories against Oda and Ieyasu he died of sickness in his camp. The Takeda clan was then led by his less talented son who would later be defeated by Oda.

You can download the paper craft template here: Sengoku BASARA - Chibi Takeda Shingen Free Paper Craft Download