Sengoku BASARA - Chibi Motonari Mori Free Paper Craft Download

Sengoku BASARA - Chibi Motonari Mori Free Paper Craft Download


Sengoku BASARA - Chibi Motonari Mori Free Paper Craft DownloadThis papercraft is a chibi Motonari Mori, based on the video game Sengoku Basara, the paper model is designed by yoshiniti. Motonari Mori is a character introduced in Sengoku BASARA, and is first playable in the following installment. He is depicted as a young, genius daimyo who only cares about winning. He will use any strategies that can lead him to victory, including those that sacrifice his soldiers, without any hesitation. To reflect this personality, his attacks in the game can also hit his own allies, though no actual damage is dealt.

Motonari also has a belief in the Sun, and he tends to refer to himself as "Child of the Sun". He has a fierce rivalry with Chousokabe Motochika of Shikoku, whose personality is the opposite of him. He returns in Sengoku BASARA 3, allied with Ishida Mitsunari against the Tokugawa Army.

In the first Sengoku BASARA, Motonari was still a non-playable character so he was given a war baton as a weapon with a moveset similar to Uesugi Kenshin. When he becomes a playable character in Sengoku BASARA 2, his weapon is changed to a ring blade which can be split into two. He also has a tricky moveset in which many of his skills involves setting up traps.

Mōri Motonari was a prominent daimyō in the west Chūgoku region of Japan during the Sengoku period of the 16th century.

Sandwiched between the powerful Amago and Ōuchi clans, Motonari led the clan by carefully balancing actions and diplomacy. Eventually, Motonari succeeded in defeating both and controlled the entire Chūgoku area. In his late years, he crushed the Ōtomo clan of Bungo province.

He had three sons, Mōri Takamoto, Kikkawa Motoharu, and Kobayakawa Takakage, whom he encouraged to work together for the benefit of the Mōri clan. In one instance, he is said to have handed each of his sons an arrow and asked each snap it. After each snapped his arrow, Motonari produced three arrows and asked his sons to snap all three at once. When they were unable to do so, Motonari explained that one arrow could be broken easily, but three arrows held together could not.

You can download the video game papercraft template here: Sengoku BASARA - Chibi Motonari Mori Free Paper Craft Download [4shared] [mediafire]