SD Tallgeese Gundam Papercraft free download

SD Tallgeese Gundam Papercraft free download


SD Tallgeese Gundam Papercraft

This paper model is designed by a chinese designer "军师"(blog), the picture is from by PiratesOfTheCaribean. He opened this SD Tallgeese Gundam Papercraft on website It includes .pdf and .pdo files.

Tallgeese was the one who devastated LaCroa in the name of the Dark Axis, making Tallgeese an idol among certain Dark Axis soldiers. As Zeropossess a rose as a trademark and is a master of the Mana (White magic), Tallgeese's trademark is a bird's feather that becomes his sword, and is a magic of Dark-Mana, which he also uses to give life to his Leo Pawn soldiers.

Tallgeese also enslaved one of the Scared Beasts of LaCroa, the Griffin, to do his bidding, through becoming armor on Tallgeese, enabling him to unleash even more devastating attacks. He is obsessed with reviving the Spirit Tree of Lacroa and acquiring its secrets. The one was through the Spirit Egg, which he was defeated by the Gundam Force. When he pursued them with the revived Vayate and Mercurious, he ended up a victim of his black magic when he faced Winged Zero.

He was released by Deathscythe, who gave him the sword that would give him the power to have his revenge on the Gundam Force. But it was the Cursed Sword of Epyon and Tallgesse was possesed by the spirit in it until Zero destoryed Epyon, with Tallgeese unable to use Dark-Mana. Being forced to make a truce with the Gundam Force after realizing Deathcscythe used him, Tallgesse sacrificed his lifeforce to release Fenn.

You can download this gundam papercraft from here:SD Tallgeese Gundam Papercraft free download