SD PMX-003 The O Free Gundam Paper Model Download

SD PMX-003 The O Free Gundam Paper Model Download


SD PMX-003 The O Free Gundam Paper Model DownloadThis gundam papercraft is a SD PMX-003 The O, a mobile suit from the series Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam, the papercraft is created by affectionflame. The PMX-003 is piloted by Paptimus Scirocco.

The fourth of five mobile suits built by the Newtype Paptimus Scirocco on the Jupitris, the PMX-003 The O is Scirocco’s personal mobile suit, and perhaps the most powerful. It was designed as his own personal unit from the outset, reflected in its independently developed control system to take advantage of his rare spatial recognition abilities. Its control interface has been specifically tuned for Scirocco's use, making the The O impossible to pilot except by Scirocco himself. The generator output specifications are modest at less than 2,000Kw; however, The O is equipped with a large-scale thermonuclear reactor comparable to that of a warship.

The PMX-003 The O has very thick armor that can withstand direct beam hits, such as from the AMX-004 Qubeley's funnels. Although very bulky and heavy, The O is outfitted with enough thrusters to maneuver and fly at very high speeds, demonstrating powerful thrust similar to mobile armors. It's extremely agile despite its massive frame, with performance that greatly surpasses common MS and displaying tremendous space combat capabilities. By taking advantage of The O's large size, it is possible to load large amounts of propellant into various parts of the body and the skirt armor to extend operation time. The leg and armor units incorporate a complex multi-joint structure that allow a high degree of freedom of movement. These parts significantly differ from those found in typical mobile suits.

In terms of weapons, The O is only equipped with 4 beam sabers and an optional beam rifle. However, thanks to its unique sub-arms, The O can wield all four sabers at once, something that no other mobile suit could do and allowing The O to excel at close-quarters combat. The O is a robust machine designed with emphasis on mobility instead of excessive firepower, and features an excellent interface that reflects the skill of the pilot.

The last special feature of The O however is the Bio-Sensor (no relation to the device installed in the MSZ-006 Zeta Gundam), which functions like a psycommu system and allows the powerful Newtype Scirocco to more easily interface with his suit. [Source: wikia]

You may download this paper model template here: SD PMX-003 The O Free Gundam Paper Model Download