SD MS-09 DOM Gundam Papercraft free download


SD MS-09 DOM Gundam Papercraft free downloadThis is a sd MS-09 DOM gundam papercraft. There is another version from a chinese designer "glory", but it is the SD Gundam MS-09B Dom. I found this version in the internet, sorry i don't know who is the author. The MS-09 Dom is the successor to the Zaku II and Gouf mobile suits, and far surpassed both in terms of performance. Developed as a heavy-type, high performance mobile suit, the Dom's chief new features included ground effect hover jets that allowed it to skim battlefield surfaces at high velocity and a torso mounted scattering beam gun used to disorient opponents. The MS-09 Dom, equipped with Zeon's latest technologies, could easily outperform the Federation's new mass production mobile suit, the RGM-79 GM. The first three Dom units shipped out were assigned to the Black Tri-Stars, who had been sent to aid Captain M'Quve's Odessa mining base. However, all three units were destroyed by Gundam's pilot Amuro Ray after only two battles.

You can download this SD MS-09 DOM Gundam Papercraft from here: SD MS-09 DOM Gundam Papercraft free download