SD Knight Gundam Papercraft free download

SD Knight Gundam Papercraft free download



Knight Gundam (騎士ガンダム Kishi Gandamu) is part of the SD Gundam franchise, a sub-franchise of the popular Gundam anime. This is a paper model for SD Knight Gundam.

In Knight Gundam, Gundam mecha and characters are reimagined as knights, sorcerers and other fantasy and medieval European character types. Generally, the series has not been as popular as its counterpart Musha Gundam and as such Knight Gundam productions are rare. Perhaps in an attempt to change this, the Knight Gundam concept received a fair amount of focus in the recent Superior Defender Gundam Force television series.

Knight Gundam is a series that took elements from the then popular Dragon Quest series and role playing games into SD Gundam. The knight style SD Gundam designs are devised by Koji Yokoi and soon Knight Gundam became an independent series like Musha Gundam.

The series first started on Carddas trading cards with the story set in the "Saddarc World" (Carddas spelt backwards). Soon after it expanded to Gashapons, plastic models, manga and games.

The Gundams in the Knight Gundam series are portrayed as living beings just like in the Musha Gundam series. But later on in the series giant robots known as "Kihei"(機兵) were introduced thus creating a weird picture of a Gundam piloting a Gundam. Also different from Musha Gundam, Knight Gundam has important human characters like Knight Amuro and Princess Frau throughout the whole series.

SD Knight Gundam Papercraft free download