SD GW-9800 Gundam Airmaster Free Papercraft Download

SD GW-9800 Gundam Airmaster Free Papercraft Download


SD GW-9800 Gundam Airmaster Free Papercraft DownloadThis gundam paper model is a SD GW-9800 Gundam Airmaster, a Mobile Suit from the After War era, the papercraft is created by Storm of Dragons based on Turbolabo's SD Gundam series. The GW-9800 Gundam Airmaster was one of the Gundam mobile suits developed by the United Nations Earth Forces during the 7th Space War, and is equipped with the same Flash System as the GX-9900 Gundam X and the GT-9600 Gundam Leopard.

This allows the Newtype pilots of the Gundam Airmaster to control the FW-9800 GW-Bit units. The suit also has another unique system called the "Trans System", which allows it to transform into a MA mode that resembles a fighter jet. The Gundam Airmaster was more lightly armed then the other two Gundams, its armaments consisted mainly of a pair of head vulcans that are usable in MS mode, a pair of nose vulcans usable in MA mode, a pair of handheld buster rifles, and optional shoulder missiles. Due to the suit's transform ability, the Gundam Airmaster has superior aerial combat capability, out performing other mobile suits of the time while in the sky. [Source: wikia]

You can download this papercraft template here: SD GW-9800 Gundam Airmaster Free Papercraft Download [Box] [Gavitex]


  1. Actually this was created by StormOfDragons, based off of Turbolabo's series of SD Gundams. I should know. That's my model, and my fireplace it's sitting on top of.